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  • AIGASF: Portfolio Day

    Yesterday was Portfolio Day.  I managed to get a volunteer spot which gives you free entry and tickets to get your portfolio reviewed.  It was a good event, there were lots of reviewers and the break-out sessions were informative, but crowded.  Same with the keynote.  I’m happy I went because it helped light a fire […]

  • Affinity Designer: Adding Color Palettes

    [youtube] Although, there’s no Pantone swatches available for Affinity Designer.  You can still import .ase files.  Copic, Sherwin Williams, and Google have swatches available for download. Color Palette Links: Google – Copic Markers – Sherwin Williams –

  • Adobe Alternatives

    Let’s just say Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are superb applications and I have to use them for work.  As much as I like it for work, at home for personal projects, I cannot find a way to justify the monthly subscription price. Unfortunately, I will never be free of adobe’s grasp completely.  Luckily, there […]