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Favorite Creative/Bussiness-y Podcast Round-up

Like many of my friends, I have a long commute to work. I’m lucky that I don’t have to drive to work, but taking public transit can be quite boring for those dreaded* stretches without internet. To alleviate the burden, I’ve taken to the habit of listening to creative podcasts. I remember when I was first looking for podcasts, it was difficult because it seemed like nobody had a list more recent than 2013. There was also the issue with many of the podcasts on those lists being “canceled” or on indefinite hiatus.

Here’s a list of current podcasts that are pretty sweet:

Obsessed with Design – A show about what makes designers tick. I liked their interviews with Debbie Millman, Hoodzpah and Von Glitscha. It’s really interesting to hear where professionals started.

The Busy Creator Podcast – A podcast that looks at top creative professionals workflow and some help for your work practice. I highly recommend looking through the older episodes because some of them are still helpful. “Online Resources for Creative Professionals” is a good episode.

Clients from Hell – You loved the blog. They got a podcast with useful freelance advice. I like the podcast is different from the blog. It doesn’t wallow in clients from hell stories, but actually provides insight in helping your freelance career.

Being Boss – A podcast for creative entrepreneurs. I discovered this podcast after stalking Lisa Congdon. Ok, it’s not stalking, it’s just a feeling of “Hey, this person is inspiring to me, I need to find everything else she’s in.” They do a great interview with her.

Creative Pep Talk – Do you like to feel gooey inside? Well, I got a podcast for you. Andy J. Miller brings out the feels with this podcast. Imagine every locker scene where the coach gives a big inspirational speech. Now imagine if you didn’t have to break a sweat to hear it. I dig the motivation.

And that’s all I got for now. I’m sure there’s more good creative podcasts out there like Design Matters. These are my current favs and frankly, my listening ears get tired after a long commute.

*Gosh, that’s pretty melodramatic. What would I ever do without being plugged-in 24/7?