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  • Book Review: The Graphic Design Idea Book

    It’s a short read. Subtitle for the book is Inspiration from 50 masters. And it delivers on that, there are 50 examples. Each one has a summery and then a short explanation.  The back of the book reads, “No complex data. No technical jargon.” And yes it delivers on that. I’m just disappointed by some […]

  • Printing Rant. InDesign, ugh!

    Hello, I have experience running printers and looking at files making sure they’re ready to print. I’ve come to the conclusion that no one really knows how to use InDesign. Every time I get an InDesign file, it’s like anticipating how did this person mess this up.  It seems like no one understands knows these […]

  • AIGA Portland Studio Tour: Swift Co.

    Swift Collective is a creative agency started in 2006 by CEO Liz Valentine and CCO Alicia McVey. The agency grew from an office with a few desks to a very large multi-level building with several conference rooms, three kitchens, a photo studio and lots of desks.   The open concept and different floor levels gives everyone a sight […]