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Book Review: The Graphic Design Idea Book

It’s a short read. Subtitle for the book is Inspiration from 50 masters. And it delivers on that, there are 50 examples. Each one has a summery and then a short explanation.  The back of the book reads, “No complex data. No technical jargon.” And yes it delivers on that. I’m just disappointed by some of the ideas. I feel like you’d get more inspiration from reading design blogs.

A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Well, it’s an idea book. I should be getting an idea, right?

The book wasn’t that expensive it’s about $18 US. I don’t think I’ll be coming to it for ideas, I think I got more ideas from Stylepedia, also by Steven Heller.  I got this book because I was listening to the Design Matters podcast. Steven was talking to Debbie about the book and it seemed like it would be an interesting read. He talked about making two books, this one and one on type.  I wish he combined the two into one book, because splitting them up makes it feel like book DLC.  But I get it, New York is an expensive place and you gotta work.

Oh, and there’s a two page glossary. OOOhhh, it says what an emoji is and what CMYK stands for. Totally not filler. NO WAY! It’s also a pretty thin book to being with. Definitely, check it out from the library first.