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  • Affinity Designer Beta for Windows

    Mac-based vector software, Affinity Designer has been released into beta for Windows. The software is a direct competitor to Illustrator. Since Adobe decided to be full-on subscription only; Affinity is filling in the market for people who want to OWN their graphic design software. I’m pretty much excited to see Affinity Designer come to Windows because […]

  • Favorite Creative/Bussiness-y Podcast Round-up

    Like many of my friends, I have a long commute to work. I’m lucky that I don’t have to drive to work, but taking public transit can be quite boring for those dreaded* stretches without internet. To alleviate the burden, I’ve taken to the habit of listening to creative podcasts. I remember when I was […]

  • OMG, please hire someone.

    If you’re charging $10 dollars on the App Store for your app. Hire a designer to make your icon. Also stop trying to rip off other designs.  Also it’s so obvious this was done to confuse people.

  • Should you ever work for free? Nope!

    This is something that comes up a lot in creative freelance work. You’re always going to get that one client who wants to convince you to work for exposure. Work to put it in your portfolio. In the creative field it’s common to encounter someone who feels like your work isn’t really “work.” There’s even […]

  • Double Exposure in Affinity Photo

      Hello, just wanted to do a tutorial on double exposure in Affinity Photo. Thanks to Anastasia for the stock portrait in this tutorial. The photo of the woods was taken by me in Portola Redwoods. First off, I am loving the paint brush selection tool. I highly recommend watching the video tutorials from Affinity Photo. Here are […]

  • Adobe Alternatives

    Let’s just say Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are superb applications and I have to use them for work.  As much as I like it for work, at home for personal projects, I cannot find a way to justify the monthly subscription price. Unfortunately, I will never be free of adobe’s grasp completely.  Luckily, there […]

  • Inspirational Quote of the Page

    “We don’t know where we get our ideas from. What we do know is that we do not get them from our laptops.” – John Cleese Came across that quote reading a book from the library, Steal Like An Artist. I think it’s a nice one to meditate on.  That’s why it’s in the art journal.