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About the Designer

A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Junior Designer from Oregon

Laura Eskins, works on this blog as an outlet for her creative career and personal projects.  In addition to writing in third-person; she also loves reading, gel pens, and basset hounds.  Comma splices, run-on sentences and sentences fragments are her weakness too.

My goal has always to been to try and deliver simple and vibrant work.

What does she do?

She’s worked several years in printing/fabricating large signage for various companies, small and big. Currently, working full-time as a graphic designer for a Downtown Portland print shop. She’s daily fixing many designs for real-life applications.

In a field where everyone can pick up a copy of Adobe CC, it’s important to know how to translate those ideas into reality. That thin font looks wonderful on screen, but it’s going to wash off your window after the first sign of rain.

What are her expertise?

Her focus has been vector illustration and print layout design.  Her experience working in print doesn’t end at large signage; she’s also worked at several online greeting card companies during the holiday season.

What is she doing now?

Although, print is her expertise, she’s been learning coding.  Laura has enrolled in FreeCodeCamp and started learning Javascript. It’s been a very interesting journey for her. When she was in High School, she was making Geocities fan sites for her favorite bands. After years of working in print, she’s back to start web development again. This time there will be no midi music.

Although, it has been a short time I have had the title of Graphic Designer, it’s been an adventure. Being a creative is filled with ups and downs. Adversity is how we grow. I can’t wallow in funk or grow angry because something didn’t go my way.  Designers learn more from the mistakes, than from getting it right the first time. Taking on new challenges and experiences keeps me awake.